Welcome to Eco Ed's garden. Maintenance and water usage are minimal, while butterflies and beauty are abundant.

Beginning in June, you will learn how to choose beautiful, eye-catching, local species of plants that will attract butterflies, humming birds, and other beneficial fauna into your backyard. You will also learn how to reduce the maintenance of your yard. With the upcoming blistering temperatures, you will learn how to reduce water usage – saving you money. See all gardening posts or choose from a specific subject below:

Backyard Plants

These spectacular flowers add vibrance to Eco Ed's garden

A garden’s essence comes from the flowers planted in it. Blooming flowers can bost vibrant colors; a collage of orange, yellow, and red can remind someone of a summer sunset. But flowers can add more than just color. Certain plants attract native butterflies and bumble bees that help pollinate your garden. Other plants, like blueberries, can be harvested for the edible fruits that add a delicious splash to your kitchen. Eco Ed is here to help teach you how to select local plant species to add beauty, value, and taste to your garden. Check out what plants Eco Ed has already written about. (Link) – make big


Reduce Maintenance

Eco Ed's garden uses wood chips around islands of gardens to help reduce maintenance.

We can agree maintaining a backyard can be backbreaking work. Hiring landscapers, gardeners, and mowers just to keep your garden looking its nicest can be very costly. Imagine a garden that is beautiful but also easy to maintain. Eco Ed is here to teach you how to create a garden that needs minimal watering, mowing, and upkeep. Read what Eco Ed has written about reducing maintenance in a garden. After all, a garden is suppose to be something you and your family can enjoy – not tedious work.



Reduce Water Usage

Eco Ed's garden features rain barrels to collect rain water for future use.

Ever wonder what a rain garden is? Want to reduce your summer water bill? The last couple of summers have set record-breaking temperatures, which means a spike in your water bill. Keeping your grass green and plants healthy during the summer can become expensive. This does not have to be the case.

Eco Ed is here to teach you ways to reduce your water usage, take advantage of summer rains, and in the end save you money. Read articles Eco Ed has written about reducing water usage in a garden. – link big


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