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Blowing all of your leaves on the road? Eco Ed provides the solution

Dear Eco-Ed:

I’ve been blowing all of my leaves in the road, as have been all of my neighbors. Is there a better way to dispose of them? I’ve heard that the leaves can provide nutrients to my yard, but I don’t want to leave them in my yard. They make such a mess.

– Getting Rid of Leaves in Ridgewood

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Do I have to pay for the damages to sidewalks caused by trees? Are there guidelines?

Dear Eco Ed:

Village employees are telling me that the sidewalks on my street need to be repaired, at my expense, because the tree roots have shifted them over the years. I love the trees on our block, but why do I have to pay for it? Also, won’t this kill the roots, or make the trees more susceptible to falling in future storms? Does the Village have anyone who sets guidelines or provides information on trees in our neighborhoods?

– Love My Trees in Ridgewood

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Watch This Stunning Video on Eco Ed’s Sustainable Home

What does a sustainable home look like?

You may be caught off guard by the original wide-plank pine flooring; the exquisite black-and-white checkered cork flooring; and the beautiful vibrant gardens.

Eco Ed Invites You Into His Sustainable Historic Home

After watching this video, you will understand how beautiful and healthy a sustainable home can be.


Photos of ‘The Most Sustainable Home’ in New Jersey

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Ask Eco Ed: Icicles hanging on the roof. Is this caused by losing heat?

Dear Eco-Ed:

I have huge icicles that form on my gutters every year.  When they freeze up, it causes water to back up into my attic and walls, which is damaging my plaster walls and causing mold in my attic.  I have been told that this has to do with losing heat.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but I thought I’d check with you.

– Icing in Ridgewood

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