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Quick Renovation Tip

First, make a list of renovations you want done in your home. This could include a simple project like installing LED light bulbs to a more expensive project like putting in insulation.

Second, set aside about $2 per square foot in your house per year. This will make sure you don’t fall behind in renovations, and will finance your list of projects. If you do not keep your house up-to-date you could soon be slammed with an expensive project that may be a financial burden. 

If you need help making a list of renovations get an energy audit. Eco Ed’s team will sit down with you and give you a list of “simple” projects that you can do by yourself and a list of projects that will require professional installation.

Remember, Ed is always here to help answer your questions.







Eco Ed stars on NewlyGreens [part 2]

Eco Ed returns in the award winning series Newly Greens. In this episode, Ed conducts an energy audit to help an elderly home owner to reduce unpleasant drafts in her home. To help eliminate cold air coming in, Ed suggests replacing a typical fireplace with a fireplace insert.