Robert Kennedy Jr. and Eco Ed

Ed Schwartz and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., is an activist, environmental attorney and radio host. Mr. Kennedy and Eco Ed have worked together on common goals and environmental initiatives in the New Jersey and New York area.  They share the same passion for protecting our waters, through the Riverkeeper Alliances.

Ed Begley and Eco Ed Strive to Promote a Green World

Eco Ed & Ed Begley are seen laughing together on the subway.

Using his fame as an actor and environmental activist, Ed Begley, Jr. is on a “never-ending green streak.” Mr. Begley is vocal about conserving energy by taking action yourself. On one occasion, Mr. Begley spoke to USA Today to promote people biking to work to conserve energy and help reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Eco Ed and Ed Begley were seen laughing together on the metro in DC. Both Eds are asked to work together as environmental leaders to create innovative solutions that strive to make a green world.

See Ed Begley’s environmental website here


Live Green by adopting these 12 simple tips.

Eco-Ed gave some advice on how to live a green lifestyle. These simple steps will help save you money, reduce waste, and help minimize your carbon footprint. Read the quick and easy tips.

Chicago Tribune: Second life for a 240-year-old home

Eco Ed and his wife Julie Tung renovated the 240 year-old historic home to be environmentally sustainable.

The Chicago Tribune recently featured Eco Ed for the renovation work he did on the 240 year-old Victorian home. The main lesson Eco Ed learned from this project was that “No matter how bad a shape it’s in, with the right people, it’s fixable. . .Take it step by step; don’t be overwhelmed.”

Read the full article to learn what other advice Eco Ed gave the Chicago Tribune.

Want some more renovation tips?
Check out this Quick Tip.

Earth Day: Eco Ed teaches the community about the beauty and health of trees

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Were you looking for events or green-activities to do this Earth Day? Eco-Ed joined the Ridgewood community to teach children about the beauty and value of trees. The Earth Day Fair has grown considerably and now many schools attend the event.

Last year fair attendees were asked to pledge one environmentally friendly action. What was this years request? fills in the rest of the details.

Eco Ed stars on NewlyGreens [part 2]

Eco Ed returns in the award winning series Newly Greens. In this episode, Ed conducts an energy audit to help an elderly home owner to reduce unpleasant drafts in her home. To help eliminate cold air coming in, Ed suggests replacing a typical fireplace with a fireplace insert.

Eco Ed Appears on NewlyGreens [Part 1]

Eco Ed goes to reality TV! “Newlygreens” is an award-winning series that focuses on healthy, sensible living. Like many couples, Greg and Connie decided they want to go green. After doing easy weekend projects, they decided to take advantage of NJ’s program to help homeowners to make improvements in insulation and heating equipment called Home Performance with Energy Star.

The process begins with a Home Energy and Safety Audit and they contacted Eco Ed to guide them through this process. In the video, Ed stresses to the homeowner that safety comes before anything else. In this home he was inspecting, there was asbestos crumbling off the pipes, calcium deposits formed by actively dripping water, molds, flaking paint, and other hazards. If these problems went unnoticed then new renovations would just simply hide these dangerous hazards. The electric system must also be up to date before insulation conceals the wires; making it difficult to get at them later.

If you make the improvements on your home now you get the benefits of having rebates and other incentives. Also, the quality of life you enjoy will increase, which is a priceless value.

See Ed on the newlygreens website.


Green Has Never Looked So Good

Ed shows that old homes don’t necessarily have to be energy guzzlers.The Ridgewood Patch article talks about how he was able to make his 245 year-old house the most energy efficiency historic home in NJ. An added plus? Monthly electrical bills are only $7!

To Read the Full Article written by Nina Minichetti:

Eco Ed is featured on CNBC. [Does investing in Home Energy Efficiency make good financial sense?]

CNBC: Eco-Friendly Home Savings

Click Image to watch CNBC interview Eco Ed on how he invested $100,000 into his home with a five-year return. He now lives in a gorgeous, historic home that has an energy bill that earns him money. Learn how you could do the same.

CNBC uses Eco Ed’s home to explain the financial benefits of investing in a “green” home.  After installing solar panels, insulation, and other energy efficient technology, his house was 80-90% more efficient and put cash in his pocket!

“This Old House” Writes About Eco Ed and His Historic House

This Old House, an Emmy Award winning TV series and magazine, interviewed Ed on how he restored his home to be The Most Sustainable Historic Home in New Jersey.

Learn what Ed and his wife did to save $2,100 on their heating bill and how it works!