Watch This Stunning Video on Eco Ed’s Sustainable Home

What does a sustainable home look like?

You may be caught off guard by the original wide-plank pine flooring; the exquisite black-and-white checkered cork flooring; and the beautiful vibrant gardens.

Eco Ed Invites You Into His Sustainable Historic Home

After watching this video, you will understand how beautiful and healthy a sustainable home can be.


Photos of ‘The Most Sustainable Home’ in New Jersey

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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Guidelines for Historical Homes

Ask Eco Ed transformed his 245 year-old Victorian home into “The Most Energy Efficient Historic Home in NJ.” His home generates money through its energy bill (+$2000), maintains a comfortable temperature, and is safe against dangerous molds and toxins that are common in old homes.

There are always inexpensive and easy renovations that can be made to improve a home. These small projects can help you avoid expensive projects that are burdensome financially and emotionally. Ed provides other renovation tips that he has learned through his years of experience. Ed’s knowledge is here to help you, so you can do it right the first time.

Read the Energy efficiency and sustainability guidelines for Historical Homes.

Remember, feel free to contact Ed and ask him a question about your home. He will provide a professional response that will help save you time and money.

Chicago Tribune: Second life for a 240-year-old home

Eco Ed and his wife Julie Tung renovated the 240 year-old historic home to be environmentally sustainable.

The Chicago Tribune recently featured Eco Ed for the renovation work he did on the 240 year-old Victorian home. The main lesson Eco Ed learned from this project was that “No matter how bad a shape it’s in, with the right people, it’s fixable. . .Take it step by step; don’t be overwhelmed.”

Read the full article to learn what other advice Eco Ed gave the Chicago Tribune.

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“This Old House” Writes About Eco Ed and His Historic House

This Old House, an Emmy Award winning TV series and magazine, interviewed Ed on how he restored his home to be The Most Sustainable Historic Home in New Jersey.

Learn what Ed and his wife did to save $2,100 on their heating bill and how it works!