Ed Schwartz, or “Eco Ed” as he is commonly known, is a certified energy and sustainability consultant, co-founder of Green Living Solutions, chairperson of the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) and is active in many environmental groups.  He has been featured on CNBC as well as This Old House magazine and many other venues and publications.  Locally, Eco Ed has taught courses or conducted seminars for local colleges, such as Montclair University, Baruch College, Ramapo College, Bergen Community College, as well as other local civic organizations. With his formal education in finance, coupled with his passion for the environment, he has helped many homeowners, corporations and municipalities to identify, analyze, plan and adopt sustainable measures that positively impact their bottom line.

Eco Ed has transformed his own home in Ridgewood, NJ (built in 1767)  into the Most Sustainable Historical Home in New Jersey.  Being sustainable means that he has used many salvaged, reclaimed, recycled and recyclable materials, along with other products that are very Earth-friendly.  The landscaping uses water management principles, along with creating an environment that is positive for beneficial insects and wildlife.  The added benefits (and most important to his wife!), are that his utility bills generate positive cash flow of roughly $2,000 each year, and his indoor air quality is top notch.  His high-tech air filtration system provides a healthy environment that has all but eliminated his wife’s seasonal allergies.  The home is used as a teaching tool for historical preservation societies, environmental groups and other homeowners.  It combines environmentally sound principles with the modern comforts we have grown to appreciate.

To help others go green, Eco Ed left a successful career in Corporate America to help others to become more sustainable, co-founding Green Living Solutions.  This consulting and contracting firm has helped close to 1,000 home owners make their homes more efficient and sustainable.  They have also worked with many corporations and municipalities on projects such as measuring carbon footprints, implementing solar projects and other renewable energy sources, building and facility efficiency, supply chain optimization, etc.  What started out as a hobby has grown over the years into an organization that has recently been recognized by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency as a Century Award winner, under the Clean Energy Program.

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