Keep Bugs Out of Your House or Building For Good

NJ is home to some beautiful backyards, but with this privileged comes ants, bees, wasps, and all those unwanted creatures. These insects can cause extensive damage to the wood around your home, crawl inside your home, and even ruin electrical appliances. Learn how to keep the beauty of your home and keeps bugs out and away from your home.

What kind of pests are there and what damage do they cause?

Yellow Jackets, a type of wasp, are common throughout regions in NJ. Yellow Jackets use wood from your home to create nests for their young. These nests make your home a breeding ground for new wasps, which will increase their presence in your backyard and home. Not only do they cause physical damage to your house, but Yellow Jackets have a pronounced stinger that can be deadly to many: especially the elder, youth, and pets. These wasps pose a serious threat and should be removed by a professional.

Carpenter ants, as many of you are aware, can cause damage to your home. Contrary to popular belief, these ants do not actually eat the wood, but rather remove it so they can dig burrows for their colony. As an expert from the university of Michigan said, “These areas [eaten out wood] are clean, i.e. they do not contain sawdust or other debris, and are smooth, with a well sanded appearance,” as seen in this photo: How do I prevent insects from getting inside my home or building and causing damage?

An energy audit has multiple uses: saving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and creating a plan to keeping pests out. Eco Ed’s team of professional auditors are able to identify points of entry for insects. During the energy audit, a team member will personally show you these areas and what you can do to fix them. Usually some simple repairs is all you need.

There are also those unwanted areas of your home that you do not want to go in. Fortunately for you, Ed’s motivated team has been in countless attics, crawl spaces, moldy basements, and any other area you can think of in a home or building. With years of experience, they know where to look and how to solve the problem. 

If you have too many insects in or around your house please contact Ed.

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