Eco Ed Appears on NewlyGreens [Part 1]

Eco Ed goes to reality TV! “Newlygreens” is an award-winning series that focuses on healthy, sensible living. Like many couples, Greg and Connie decided they want to go green. After doing easy weekend projects, they decided to take advantage of NJ’s program to help homeowners to make improvements in insulation and heating equipment called Home Performance with Energy Star.

The process begins with a Home Energy and Safety Audit and they contacted Eco Ed to guide them through this process. In the video, Ed stresses to the homeowner that safety comes before anything else. In this home he was inspecting, there was asbestos crumbling off the pipes, calcium deposits formed by actively dripping water, molds, flaking paint, and other hazards. If these problems went unnoticed then new renovations would just simply hide these dangerous hazards. The electric system must also be up to date before insulation conceals the wires; making it difficult to get at them later.

If you make the improvements on your home now you get the benefits of having rebates and other incentives. Also, the quality of life you enjoy will increase, which is a priceless value.

See Ed on the newlygreens website.


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