Ask Eco Ed: Does Ridgewood accept all recyclable plastic?

Dear Eco-Ed:

I just heard that Ridgewood’s Recycling Program now accepts all recyclable plastic.  Is this true?

– Less Garbage in Ridgewood

Dear Less Garbage:

Yes, you are correct, and this is great news!  Ridgewood’s history of recycling is impressive, and this improvement in our policy is a big leap forward.  In the past, Ridgewood only accepted recyclables labeled #1 (PET and PETE) and #2 (HDPE).  We now accept all types of recyclable plastics, #1-7 (for related article, see: ).  This means that you can now put all of your plastic refuse that is numbered into your recycling bins, or drop it off at our recycling center on East Glen Ave.  This eliminates much confusion on just what is recyclable within Ridgewood’s garbage collection. The amount of solid waste will be reduced in the Village, and there should be increase in tonnage of recycling.  What this means to the community, is that if residents comply with the new policy, and recycle more of their plastics (along with metals, paper and other recyclable materials), the Village will reduce their cost of disposal for solid waste.  We will also improve our revenue stream for recyclable materials, as this material is sold for its scrap value.

Frank Moritz and his team in our Recycling Department have done a great job in creating an infrastructure that allows us to recycle much of our waste.  It is now up to us as residents, to do our part and capitalize on their efforts.

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